Address: 12F, No.399, Wunchuan Rd, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung 81361, Taiwan
Tel: 886-7-3427347
FAX: 886-7-3591603
Cell Phone: 886-988-249-296
Sales Manager: Rivone Chang
Industrial Electronic Controller Instrument Production and Design, Mechanic&Electric Embedded Module Unit Manufacture and R&D, Patent Design Around and/or Efficiency Improvement Solutions, Misc. Automation Electro-Control Problem Solving Assistance.
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Winstrum Automation wishes to become the intimate partner improving the competitiveness for the customer, Winstrum all adopt the spirit of using the lowest development cost to reach supreme competition efficiency, to accompany the customer can conquer the competitor in an era of competition, make the customer feel "along the way, nice to have you!".

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