Address: 550 Sishih Rd, Fongyuan, Taichung, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-25330216
FAX: 886-4-25330219
Est. Year: 2006
Trade Mark: Wekka
Motor Driver, eg controller for brushless motor, induction motor, stepping motor, ODM of electronic home appliances eg water dispenser system, ceiling fan, pump, Wireless Control for Electronic Home Appliances, ceiling fan RF controller, MOTOR INVERTER, we design and manufacture your own custom made MOTOR INVERTER, Driver Control for several types of motor, eg. brushless motor driver, Inverter0.5~5HP, for both brushless motor and regular motor usage, CONSTANT PRESSURE CONTROLLER, install with MOTOR INVERTER.
Company Profiles
Wekka has one of the finest R&D personnel in this field. We have the ability to design and program PC board and IC chips what customers need by using assembly and c languages and more. Our mainproducts are INVERTER, BRUSHLESS MOTOR DRIVER CONTROLLER. Our manufactured products are the pioneers in this field.

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