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Air Conditioner Engineering, Fin Tube, Fintube, H Type Fintube, Air Cooler, shell and tube heat exchanger, manufacture non-standard heat exchanger , Electric Heater, Air Heater, oil cooler, air compressor cooler unit, water treatment engineering, storage tank, solvent recovery plant, petrochemical industries equipment, environment protection equipment, solvent recovery equipment.

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Air Cooler and Air Heater

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We produced Air-conditioner Facilities,kinds of H/E and Fin-tube,Tank.Our products have been widely adapted by Industries such as Shipyard,Engineering, Electrical,Machinery Making,Refinery,Oil,Textile Dyeing & Bleaching, Environmental Protection,harmacy and Food Tufting Machines.Fields of Application include cooling,condensing,heating,steam & Waste-Heat recover.

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