Address: 3F. No. 2, Jui Guang Rd., Nei Hu, Taipei 114, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-87926868, 2-87978788
FAX: 886-2-87926899, 2-87978789
Est. Year: 1996
Capital: NT$ 25,000,000.
Board Chairman: Emily Tsao
Sales Manager: Roy Chiu
mello - CF card reader, MP3 player, external disk drive, mpstar - MP3 CD player, pocketsor - external disk drive.
Company Profiles
Established in 1996, Alpintex Industry Corporation is a subsidiary of
Ascentex Industry Corporation. In early 1999, Alpintex devotes itself
in the manufacturing of MP3 products. At present, our products includeMPStar, Pocket STOR and MP3 reader.

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