Address: 1F., No. 126, Ta Sheng Rd., Hu-Kou Hsiang, Hsin-Chu Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-3-5691234
FAX: 886-3-5694212, 3-5690560
Est. Year: 1999 Employees: 20
Capital: NT$ 10,000,000.
Chief Executive Officer: Fung Chun Yu
Board Chairman: Fung Chun Yu
General Manager: Wei Ren Kan
Sales Manager: Roger Kan
air filter for auto vehicle, air filter for agriculture machine.
Company Profiles
We provide the best quality air filters for automobiles and
motorcycles, auto air-conditionings, mowing machines,
industrial machines and other engines used by factory.
We do our best for quality. We offer good price for our customers.
We also do our best for delivery on time.

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