Address: 5F-1, No. 60, Pa Teh Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-27514190
FAX: 886-2-27518800
Est. Year: 1984 Employees: 12
Capital: NT$ 10,000,000.
General Manager: John Yang
Sales Manager: Kelly Hsai
Trade Mark: CAROL
Silicone resin for optical and electronic Encapsulation use, V-grooved wood panel and molding for wall and column decoration use by DIY, Metallic rigid sheet, High purity Nitrogen Gas Generator.
non-woven fabrics, plastic leather, dusting cloth, micro fiber wiping cloth, micro fiber cleaning cloth , metallic cloth, synthetic leather.
RAY serious Silicone resin
Nitrogen Gas Generator for Inflatin Tires of Car/ motorcycle
Metallic rigid sheet - M87725
Red Oak tambour boardCY287-1 and molding 294-00
Company Profiles
Established in 1984, the head office of chemical factory,and branch offices in India and Chile.Export window of Silicone resin,Nitrogen gas generator and Geogrid/Geotextile.

Products :Building material,2.Silicone encapsulating resin,Geogrid/Geotextile,Geocell,PU and PVC Leather,Metallic Cloth/Leather,Nonwoven Cloth,Nitrogen gas generator.

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