Address: B1, No. 57, Dong Guang Rd., Hsin Chu City, Taiwan
Tel: 886-3-5723438
FAX: 886-3-5724806
Est. Year: 1993 Employees: 115
Capital: NT$ 300,000,000
Board Chairman: Gordon Yu
Sales Manager: Dashing Liu
56k fax/modem pvmcia card, compact flash card/smart media card, 10/100 ehtnernet LAN card/cardbus, compactmodem/LAN/serial/parallel/scan, compact GPS/compact IRDA, ATA flash PC card/SRAM card, compact flash adapter/extender board.
Company Profiles
ISO-9002 certified quality
Excellent on a complete spectrum of PC cards
Mobile computing expertise on small form factor cards/modules
Capability for industrial and military grade ATA flash card
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