Address: No. 29, An Le St., Hsiushui Hsiang, Changhua Hsien, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-7681117, 4-7681118
FAX: 886-4-7682817
Est. Year: 1987 Employees: 30
Capital: NT$ 5,000,000.
Chief Executive Officer: Amos Tsao
General Manager: Amos Tsao
Sales Manager: Patrick Wang
auto safety steam/hot water/hemal medium/boiler, soil/medium/steam sterilizer, concrete. bloh/brigage construction steam cure rquipment, burning equipment, water softener equipment, home electric herb-steam boiler.
Company Profiles
since 1987 our company being started,Mr Tzao created over 5000 custome
from one barely man with limited finance to one of the three largeat
factories in Taiwan Depending on the secret of success "research "and
"honetsty" ,we grow up and pass ULISO9002 For service convenience sake
our dealers are all over Taiwan even maonlsnd Our China-manufact boil

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