Address: 5, Kuang Fu N. Rd., Hsin Chu Industrial Park, Hsin Chu Hsien, Taiwan
Tel: 886-3-5983521
FAX: 886-3-5981857
Est. Year: 1987 Employees: 79
Capital: NT$ 113,120,000.
Chief Executive Officer: Joseph Artiga
Board Chairman: Joseph Artiga
General Manager: Richard Wu
Sales Manager: David Hsieh
paper cones.
Company Profiles
Conitex Sonoco Taiwan Ltd. is the biggest cone maker in Taiwan.
Conitex supplies high performance paper cones for manual and high
speed automatic winders and spinning machines. Conitex Sonoco
products are tailored to meet individual customer requirements so
that can improve your yarn carriers. Our cones are your best choice.

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