Address: 7, Central 6th Rd., Kepz, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tel: 886-7-8216145
FAX: 886-7-8110040
Est. Year: 1975 Employees: 500
Capital: NT$ 918,000,000.
Chief Executive Officer: Don Schwanz
Board Chairman: Don Schwanz
General Manager: James Chen
Sales Manager: Frank Chang
wire variable resistors, semi fixed resistor, DIP switch, variable resistors, power switch.
Company Profiles
CTS Components Taiwan, a subsidiary of CTS Corporaton who owned
over 38 years, located at Kaohsiung city. We made lots of componets
that covered VR and DIP. As a famours manufacturing in these fields.
We offer the high quality products with on time delivery system. Since
1996 owned ABS ISO-9002 and now forward to QS-9000 and MRPII Class A.

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