Address: 13F.-1, No.72, Yihua Rd.,Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City 807 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: 886-7-3800688
FAX: 886-7-3878117
Est. Year: 1983 Employees: 8
Capital: NT$ 5,000,000.
Chief Executive Officer: Jiing-Her Guo
General Manager: Yu-Chuan Kuo
Sales Manager: Chun-Hua Chiu
Ice Flake Maker,Ice Shaver Maker, Mein Mein Ice Maker, Ice Cream Machine,Continuous Ice Cream Machine, All Purpose Ice Machine(Ice cream,Popsicle,Ice flake,Mein Mein Ice,Pao-Pao Ice ), Ice Pop Mix Filling Device,Ice Pop Stick Fixture,Ice Pop Freezer,Ice Pop Drawing, Pastehomo(materials mix,pasteurization,combine,emulsify), Agevat(mixing materials cooling fast and aging), Minimix¡GPastehomo and Agevat for ice materials, Mini Cone Baker.
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We develop a series of simple ice equipment such as ice cream, ice pop, ice flake, Mein Mein ice, and low-fat fruity ice cream¡Kect. From small shop to the large-scale factory, based on your demand to provide the most specialized suggestion, lets you use the minimum cost to achieve the maximum efficiency.

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