Address: 8F-6, No. 351, Chung-Shan Rd., Sec. 2, Chung-Ho City, Taipei County, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-32347000
FAX: 886-2-22260840, 2-22269623
Est. Year: 1984 Employees: 70
Capital: NT$ 155,750,000.
Chief Executive Officer: Sharming Lin
Board Chairman: Sharming Lin
General Manager: Sharming Lin
camera server, sound card.
Company Profiles
formosa industrial computing dedicates in manufacturing multimedia
products. Our new product, VPON is a camera server. It
can transmit live videos through Internet, Intranet or PSTN. Using a
satndard browser, you can view the live video from up to 6 cameras.
WebMonitor brings you into the new era of video transmission.

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