Address: 9-1, 52Nd Lane, Nan-Kang St., Hsiang-Shan, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-3-5372181
FAX: 886-3-5377508, 3-5373016
Est. Year: 1971 Employees: 950
Capital: NT$ 285,000,000.
Board Chairman: Michael Y. Lin
General Manager: Michael Y. Lin
Sales Manager: Tiensung
Trade Mark: General Silicones
Silicone Rubber Spacer (LCD Monitor / LCD TV / Laptop Monitor / Mobile Devices), Thermal Conductive Release Sheet (Mainly being used in LCD industry.), Transparent & Translucent Sheet, Thermal Interface Material (low thermal resistance & high radiation), Keypad (Keypad Switch - Contact Type / Push Button Keypad / Hybrid Keypad), Damper (Rubber Damper / Rubber Grease Damper / Hybrid Grease Damper), Various Silicone Parts (Medical Rubber, Child-Care Products, Industrial Parts), Roller (Rubber / Ceramic / Teflon / Foam Roller).
Silicone Rubber Materials and Chemical Specialities.
Company Profiles
General Silicones was established in 1970. GS has been not only a major distributor of silicone material, but also an active silicone product manufacturer that is ISO/S16949 certified. With decades of experience in silicone field, GS has the ability and capacity to provide a wild range of silicone products in automobile/customer electronics/PC/medical industries.

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