Address: No. 248~39, Shin-Sheng Rd., Chien-Zhen District Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tel: 886-7-8159877
FAX: 886-7-8156711
Est. Year: 1988 Employees: 60
Capital: NT$ 212,170,000.
Chief Executive Officer: Gary Cheng
Board Chairman: Gary Cheng
General Manager: Gary Cheng
Sales Manager: Tamy Huang
systemprobe cards for semiconuctor and HIC, chip components, IC. packing materials for smd. paper carrier tape and top/ bottom, tapesfine ceramic substrates drilling, scribing and cutting servics.
cyberoptics non-contact laser based 2d & 3D thickness messurement, testing/ trimminglaser trimmer system for thick film and hybrid.
Company Profiles
LaserTek Taiwan Co., Ltd. was establtshed by Sep. 06,1988. President
/CEO is Gary Cheng, VP is Tamy Huang & CFO is Marc Huang, Laster
Tek Taiwan Co., Ltd. partner is Gains Investment of China Steel Co.,
Ltd. The main product lines are ceramic substrate scribing, YAG laser
& spare parts supply; Top & Bottom cover taps and paper carrier tape.

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