Address: No.155 Pei-De Rd. Kee-Lung (Taiwan)
Tel: 886-2-24667016
FAX: 886-2-24667015
Est. Year: 1985
Capital: NT$ 5,000,000.
MFDD , MOTOR DRIVER,MOTOR SPEED CONTROL,, temperature controller,SAUNA, Recycle Machine,CHARGER, vehicle parts,speed sensor,speedo, Manufacturer,OEM/ODM,aquarium lighting,LDE, LED Emergency Lighting,pic controller,Temperature(PID),Sauna equipments(facility, Manufacturer,OEM/ODM,Motor driver,Steamer Generater Controller, Temperature(PID),Timer,control.
Motor driver
Sauna equipments(facility)
Steamer Generater Controller
squence(logic) controller
Company Profiles
Today the Pro-Stone Systems Company is a diversified manufacturing but back to our founding day of 1995 , We continue to be in the position of playing the OEM / ODM supplier role as most of our client are Exporter & Manufactres who's products register for CE marking /UL safety (75%) and spread from local to world wide-globe today.

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