Address: 6Fl., No.68, Xing-Ai Rd., Taipei City 11494, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-87918588
FAX: 886-2-87919588
Est. Year: 1991 Employees: 27
Capital: NT$ 20,000,000.
Chief Executive Officer: C. T. Chang
General Manager: M. T. Lee
Trade Mark: TOYO/RITA
meter apfr pl Pb transducer rely CT pt, AS VS COS, CT PT SC SR GPT ZCT, ctt ptt AS vs cs grip, apfr SC ngr DM lbs DS, fuse, ats.
Company Profiles
Since the establishment of Toyo Technical Co., Ltd. in 1985, we have been operating the import, export, and distribution of power electrical components used for power distribution industry. Our products come mainly from Japan and European countries.
As a component provider, we assert our spirit of honesty and integrity.

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