Address: 3, 10th Rd., Taichung Ind. Park., Taichung, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-23591630
FAX: 886-4-23591364, 4-23592549
Est. Year: 1957 Employees: 108
Capital: NT$ 173,820,000.
Chief Executive Officer: T. M. Chen
Board Chairman: T. M. Chen
General Manager: L. E. Liaw
Sales Manager: C. C. Chen
Plastic film capacitor, EMI power line filter, electrical capacitors (condensers) and parts, AC receptacle, Multilayer ceramic capacitors, Interference Suppression Capacitors of Class X & Y, SMD power inductor & common mode filter, Metallized plastic film capacitor, Ferrite chip inductor.
Company Profiles
Our company was the earliest manufactory establishment (founded in 1957) to produce for the parts in the field of electronic industry of Taiwan , and we are specialized in production of plastic film capacitors, EMI power line filter, and AC receptacle, etc. components.

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