Address: 4F-10, 145 Ta Tung 2nd Rd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tel: 886-7-2916161
FAX: 886-7-2816183
Est. Year: 1976 Employees: 12
Capital: NT$ 15,000,000
Chief Executive Officer: H. H. Lu
Board Chairman: C. H. Liu
Gener Manager: Samuel Liu
Sales Manager: Kent Tzai
Veterinary for animal use, feedstuff additives, vitamin premixes, antiseptics & disinfectants, antibiotics, environmental protection chemicals, veterinary use vaccines.
Company Profiles
Upton International Inc., has been established on 1976. 30 years of
experiences in this Feed business contributes the national wide
marketing path. We are at the moment the representative of several
foreign manufacturers like Solvay Duphar, Nutreco, Heochst,...etc, We
handle hundreds of products now and become the leading import compnay.
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