Address: 91, Ln. 238, Sec. 1, Sin-Nan Rd., Wuri, Taichung 41463, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-23355250
FAX: 886-4-23355251
Est. Year: 1987
Capital: NT$ 25,000,000.
Sales Manager: Kent Chu
Trade Mark: X'CEL-TEK
plastic injection mold blow mold zinc aluminum die casting mold, plastic injection molding blow molding zinc and aluminum die casting, bolt screw nut washer stamping turning hardware, zinc aluminum die casting, fiberoptic parts molds, medical part mold, car bike autobike part, Brass & Stainless Steel Inserts & Pins for Plastics & Sheet Metal, Resistance (Stop) Weld & TIG Weld.
Company Profiles
Design and manufacture for
1. Plastic injection & blow molds and products
2. Zinc & aluminum die casting molds and products
3. Bolt screw nut washer metal hardware
4. Brass & stainless steel insert dowel pin for plastics & stamping
5. Stamping die and products
6. Parts for car, bike, medical and fiberoptics

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