Address: No. 17-17, Xiliao Rd., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City 83141, Taiwan.
Tel: 886-7-6521717, 7-6515959
FAX: 886-7-6520909
Est. Year: 2003
Capital: NT$ 10,000,000.
Trade Mark: LC
Super sticky double-sided tape, PE cloth tape, Mara tape, PET tape, masking tape, Antistatic PI, Teflon tape (film), all kinds material of anti-static tapes, Electronic, electrical, industrial insulating tape, PI tape, PEEK tape (film), Electrostatic adhesion type optical grade PET protective film, Various types of tape, film, lable, PET film splitting, die-cutting, Lamination, Silicon glass casing, with plastic thermal casing, Teflon shrink tube, Plating or powder coating with silicone injection products (caps, plugs, rods).
Acrylic foam double tape, copper foil tape, conductive fabric, conductive foam, Teflon tape, board, film, rods and tube.
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