Address: 222-12, Fantsao Road, Tsaotun Town, Nantao County, Taiwan
Tel: 886-49-2301101
FAX: 886-49-2306098
Cell Phone: 886-911-136798
Est. Year: 1997 Employees: 16
Capital: NT$ 2,500,000.
Chief Executive Officer: James Chen
Sales Manager: LISA Lin
foundry of metal working, welding (CO2, braze, argon), metal parts and accessories, wheelchair, electric vehicle, bicycle parts, hygiene accessories, production of stainless.
Company Profiles
The company is established at 1987. We are major in metal welding,
including automotive parts, hospital wheelchair, military goods.
We are creative and make progress continuously. The special material
of Titanium, Scandium could be processed. In 2004, the automatic robot was joined our production line. Besides, we got ISO-9001 certification in 2004 too.

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