Address: 38 Hsing Pong Rd., Kwei Shan Ind. Dist., Taoyuan, Taiwan
Tel: 886-3-3639589
FAX: 886-3-3766016, 3-3627297
Est. Year: 1970 Employees: 2000
Capital: NT$ 3,390,000,000
Chief Executive Officer: H. C. Tsao
Board Chairman: T. J. Tseng
Sales Manager: K. C. Huang
Multilayer PCB, BGA & CSP substrate, IC burn-in and testing.
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The key to World Wiser's business philosophy is the partnership with
our customer. A partnership must be founded on a quality product.
World Wiser does not believe in trying to offer the lowest price,
but instead focuses on providing reliable and consistent manufacture
of products which meet your quality needs.
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