Address: No.30, Lane 1216, Chung-San Road, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Tel: 886-3-3753355, 3-3778325
FAX: 886-3-3625065
Cell Phone: 886-922591022
Est. Year: 1989 Employees: 30
Capital: NT$ 50,000,000.
Chief Executive Officer: joan chiu
General Manager: web chiu
Disc Ceramic Capacitors, Precision Ceramic parts, Aluminun, powder molded injection, press molded, Ceramic powder, door knob ceramic capacitors, Ceramic antenna for cell phone, high frequency ceramic capacitorw, high voltage ceramic capacitor, high power ceramic capacitor, high voltage ceramic capacitor.
high energy ceramic capacitors
High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors
Company Profiles
high voltage ceramic capacitors-molded, radial and axial type and for applications as diverse as High voltage power supplies, CRTs, Higher power RF, Tesla Coil, distribution switchgear, X-ray equipment, Pulse Lasers System, medical scanners, electrostatic precipitators, , Radio broadcast Transmitters, Igniter started, Pulse Laser Arc Deposition

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