Address: No 1 Allaey 7. Allary 301, Sec 2. Nei-Hu Road ,Taipei. Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-26587810, 2-6587801
FAX: 886-2-26587801
Cell Phone: 886-932677083
Est. Year: 1982
Capital: NT$ 5,000,000.
Chief Executive Officer: y.s.huang
Trade Mark: leader washer
glassware washer, dish washer, Pharmaceutical Washer, tunnel washer, automatical washer for cleaning disinfecting and drying, conveyor type dish washer, Pharmaceutical Washer , cup washer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning and disinfecting machine, dish washer, tunnel washer.
Company Profiles
LEADER is a professional manufacturer Backed up by 30 years experience in the Asia area of laboratory, pharmaceutical and medical washing / disinfection. So, LEADER has designed ranges of professional washing machines intended to meet all your requirements

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