Address: 4F-17, #12, Lane 609, Tomson Industrial Park, Sec. 5, Sanchong City, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-29995175
FAX: 886-2-29995863
Cell Phone: 886-937000998
Est. Year: 2003
General Manager: Scott Hu
Sales Manager: Joseph Chiu
Trade Mark: SOL , Sol Array
DSR-4, SCSI-IDE 4-bay JBOD, 1U with big capacity and environmental reporting, Sol i5 5-bay SCSI RAID, RAID 5 with high performance processor, Sol i8-is RAID, 8-bay iSCSI+SCSI host ports, w/80321 CPU & 1GB cache, RAID-6, Sol SA16-is RAID, 16-bay SATA, iSCSI+SCSI host ports, w/80321 CPU & 1GB RAID-6, Sol NAS Smart , Network Attached Storage ... support Replication and Snapshot.
Fibre Channel switch/HUB, FC/SCSI/iSCSI HBA (Adaptec, ATTO, Emulex, Qlogic, Cambex), Storage Area Network SAN (FC, iSCSI) -- one stop shop of SAN products, ATTO distributor in Greater China -- SCSI/FC HBA, Bridge, Software, Appliances.
Sol Array i8-is RAID
Sol Array i5
Sol Array i5
Sol NAS Smart
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Solkenix, a subsidiary of SOL Group, concentrate in computer storage solution including hardware & software (FC/iSCSI/SCSI HBA, FC switch/hub/bridge, RAID, & SAN software). We are the distributorfor Adaptec, ATTO, Atempo, Cambex, Emulex, JMR, Sanbolic, & Viking. We build the high reliability and high specification disk array subsystem.

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