Address: 5G07 No. 5 Hsin-Yi Rd., Sec. 5, Taipei, 116 Taiwan. R.O.C
Tel: 886-2-27584890
FAX: 886-2-27584090
Sales Manager: RH
Trade Mark: AKALI
CCFL, CCFL, Anti biotic Energy saving Lamp / Nano Photocatalyst Energy Saving Lamp, Nano Photocatalyst Lamp, LED super energy saving lamp / hosehold / brand quality, CCFL new generation energy saving panel / office , LED super energy saving panel / office , Air Cleaning Energy Saving lights / Nano Photocatalyst lights / office, LED lighting office application / tube / panel .
CCFL New Gerneration Energy Saving Light / Lamp
CCFL Energy Saving Panel / office / Light / Lamp
Nano Photocatalyst T5 Energy Saving Lamp / Light / Tube
LED hosehold Bulb - Super Energy Saing
Company Profiles
AKALI Technology Inc. was created by a technical marketing group of multi-national semiconductor company. Key members are from different countries and different job experience backgrounds, business management, R&D, product design, and sales & marketing. AKALI is a multinational company unique of its kind and operating on the basis of the multi-polar management......

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