Micro Metal Mesh or Aperture Plate
Micro Metal Mesh or Aperture PlateMaterialsˇGNi-Co or Pd-Ni alloy
Outlet apertureˇG> 2 um (different dimension as customer's requirement)
Uniformity of thicknessˇGˇÓ 1.5%
Substrate sizeˇG4ˇ¨,6ˇ¨or 8ˇ¨in diameter
No Pinhole ˇB No Nodule ˇB Low Stress
The micro metal mesh or metal nozzle plate(aperture plate/vibrating mesh) used in humidifiers, fragrance sprayers, nebulizers or inhalers requires consistent hole geometry,
dimensional accuracy and film stability that traditional manufacturing methods usually can not provide.Welcome to contact us to have more information.

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