Address: 10 Tze Chiang 7th Rd., Chung Li Industrial Park, Taoyuan, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-3-4511888
FAX: +886-3-4524288
Est. Year: 1975
Capital: NT$ 120,000,000
Chief Executive Officer: Yu Kuo Hsiung
General Manager: Yu Kuo Hsiung
Sales Manager: Yu Hwei Hsiung
hot dipped tin-coated copper wire, Tin plated silver-copper alloy wire, Tin plated copper plated steel wire, Tin plated phosphorous bronze wire, bare copper wire, bare copper plated steel wire, Tin plated flat CP wire, Tin plated flat phosphorous bronze wire, Tin plated flat silver-copper alloy wire.

Company Profile:
History:Initially focusing on manufacturing electro-tinned copper and
copper plated steel wires, Well Fore was founded in 1975 in Hsin-Chuan
Taipei. Having outgrown the old days, Well Fore currently employs fiftproduction capability of 2, 700MT.