Address: No 11-2, 9 Lin, Tou Chou Chun, Hsin Wu Hsiang, Tao Yuan, Taiwan
Tel: +886-3-4903338
FAX: +886-3-4904425
CELL: +886-933112428
Est. Year: 1983
Capital: NT$ 138,000,000
Chief Executive Officer: C. H. Teng
Board Chairman: C. H. Teng
General Manager: Ben Teng
Sales Manager: Nick Chang
Copper wire Hot dipped Tin copper wire, Tin plated copper wire, Tin plated copper clad steel wire, Tin plated brass wire Znic plated brass wire, Tin plated phosphor bronze wire, Nickel plated copper wire, Nikel plated steel wire, Square wire Sharped wire Profile wire, Flat wire Flat steek wire Flat stainless steel wire Sharped wire PV Ribbon.

Company Profile:
Since 1982 we have a professional team establish the company.
we always strive to do everything to satisfy the customers` needs and
our customers still support us to know how to promote ourproducts .